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Bring your car back to a sparkle!

It can be quite a chore keeping your car looking it’s best: washing, waxing, tire care, interior cleaning, etc. Why not let a professional do it for you? That’s what Detailed, LLC is all about! Regular detailing every 3-6 months keeps your vehicle looking top notch. Restore shine and protect your vehicle’s exterior surfaces with "The Standard" Wash & Protect Detail! This package is ideal for those who want to keep their vehicle dialed-in with incredible gloss for several months. Includes a thorough exterior and interior detail.


• Wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel & iron cleaner
• Tires and arches cleaned and rinsed
• Pre-wash using with snow foam removing surface dirt
• 2-bucket hand wash with a PH Neutral shampoo
• Iron Deposit Removal
• Tar Deposit Removal

• Clay Bar Treatment
• All windows cleaned inside and outside
• Vehicle has a final Strip wash and rinse
• Vehicle dried using drying towels and filtered warm air
• 3-6mo Paint Sealant applied

• Tires dressed


Upgrades Available

• Paint Enhancement

• Minor Paint Correction

• Major Paint Enhancement

• Full Body Ceramic Coating

• Ceramic Glass/Window Coating
• Ceramic Wheel Coating

• Tire Coating
• Leather Protectio

• Fabric Protection Protection

• Aftercare Packages available upon request

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