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A Clean Engine Runs Healthier, Faster and Looks Fresh!

The engine bay of a vehicle is an area often overlooked with regular cleaning. While it does not necessarily impact your daily experience with your vehicle, there are some serious benefits (and joys) to having an engine bay cleaning done by Detailed, LLC. Having a clean engine will allow it to run healthier, makes it easier to service, and increase its resale and/or trade-in value!

Stop opening your hood to a dirty, greasy, engine!

Most people don’t realize how dirty and greasy their engine is or can get from neglect. Oil, gas, dust, road grime, salt, leaves and general debris all build up under your hood.

Whether you just bought a used car, thinking on selling your current car, or just want to give it that fresh look, your engine will look amazing once Detailed, LLC has completed a thorough engine bay cleaning.

Not only does a clean engine make your car look amazing, but it also helps you look at any current car problems easier. You’ll be able to tell where the cause of leak is or if there’s anything wrong with your engine.

Generally speaking, a clean engine will run healthier and faster!

**Minimum purchase of a Wash & Protect Package needed to perform this add-on

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