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The Major (Multi-Step) Corrective Process is chasing perfection

A major (multi-step) paint correction machine polish aim is to be chasing perfection, within the bounds of safely and looking for 90% correction or more.


The use of using heavy-cut compound with a heavy cut pad followed by a high glossing compound with fine pad, with this we can achieve a greater level of defect removal of at least 90%. The Ultimate in paint correction defect removal.  Aimed at removing swirls, random deep scratches, bird & bug etchings, body shop buffer trails and sanding marks. Some necessary wet sanding will be done as part of a Major Correction.


• Wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel & iron cleaner
• Tires and arches cleaned and rinsed

• Pre-wash using with snow foam removing surface dirt
• 2-bucket hand wash with a PH Neutral shampoo
• Iron Deposit Removal
• Tar Deposit Removal

• Clay Bar Treatment
• All windows cleaned inside and outside
• Vehicle has another 2-bucket strip wash and rinse
• Vehicle dried using drying towels and filtered warm air
Multi-Step machine polish to remove roughly 90% of defects
• Minimum of a Ceramic Coating Lite Applied

• Tires dressed


Upgrades Available

• Full Body Ceramic Coating

• Ceramic Glass Coating
• Ceramic Wheel Coating

• Tire Coating
• Leather Protection

• Fabric Protection

• Ceramic Maintenance Packages

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