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The best way to bring your car back to a new look... and our most popular choice! The process in which few can master like we have, to restore and eliminate paint blemishes. Various stages of polishing and compounding with multiple different polishers to ensure a swirl-free finish without holograms and an extremely high gloss that will knock your socks off. Paint Correction is an imperative detailing process that removes imperfections from the surface of the paint. This process includes several advanced decontamination processes to remove imperfections and flaws from your paint’s surface. We offer Stage-1, Stage-1.5, Stage-2 and Stage-3 corrections.


The Exterior Paint Enhancement from Detailed, LLC is the perfect service for anyone who wants to bring their aging paint back to life. A full paint correction might be too extensive or even too expensive for you. Or maybe your car is relatively new and doesn’t have very deep scratches. We totally get it! That’s why we offer the Exterior Paint Enhancement.


A hydrophobic, high gloss protective bonded shield. Protective Coatings add additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like-new with minimal maintenance. In addition to other benefits, Paint Protective Coatings protect from UV damage, oxidation, etching, abrasion, and acid rain all while enhancing the shine, gloss, and luster. These benefits also aid in the ease of cleaning! We have several options from Feynlab, Gtechniq, to Undrdog and should be able to meet your wants and needs with ease!


Shine bright like a diamond! Every car has its own personality and with our wash and wax service you can expect more than just the elimination of dust and exterior contaminants. We perform a deep-clean with a focus on bringing your car’s unique personality to light to make your vehicle shine. Then we seal it in with a professional-grade industry leading protectant.


More than just keeping up appearances. Our regular exterior wash maintenance service for your coated vehicle will keep your vehicle looking its best as well as preserving the lifespan of your protective top coat layer and maintain the resell value of your vehicle.


A clean engine runs better & looks like a million bucks! Most people overlook the engine compartment on their vehicle. Many fear it’s unsafe to worry about washing it because of all the electrical under the hood these days. We take that worry off your shoulders by safely and effectively cleaning off dirt, grime, oil as well as any other leaks that may exist. Having a clean engine allows it to run cooler, makes it easier to service as well as increases the resale value and chances of selling quicker! 


Laser eye surgery for your headlights! Over time headlights can become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors. The protective hard coat breaks down with UV degradation and wear from abrasion. With our restoration process we can remove cloudy and hazy headlights to  to a like-new condition. Headlight Restoration is also a more economical alternative than replacing the lens and can also immensely help your trade-in value! 

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