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Laser Eye Surgery For Your Headlights

Over time, the headlights on your vehicle can become cloudy and/or discolored due to oxidation. This is primarily from UV light, environmental factors, and neglect. This can cause your headlights to become dim, which can be dangerous. Detailed, LLC's restoration process of restoring cloudy, discolored and hazy headlights will transform them into a like-new condition. Headlight Restoration is a more economical route than replacement. This process can also add value to your resale or trade-in!

A headlight restoration can save your life. Driving with hazy headlights can be very dangerous, but with Detailed, LLC’s headlight restoration your vision during dark hours can be clear as day.


Detailed, LLC's multi-stage process is designed to repair opaque and discolored headlights by removing all oxidation, swirl-marks, deep scratches and haziness. Keep in mind headlight restoration is done to the the outer shell of your headlights, some of the haziness may be caused from inside the headlight itself.



Restoration is done to headlights only. Fog lights are NOT included.

How long will my headlights be clear?

Your headlights should stay clear for a while, but all headlights are different. Because Detailed, LLC is adding a Ceramic Coating overtop of your headlights, the clarity should last 1 or more years.

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