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JOE ERJAVIC, Owner/Operator and Professional Detailer of Detailed, LLC

After starting a graphic design & art director career at age 23, Joe’s hard work, ethic and determination for "detail" was always very apparent. After a long 17 year career in graphic design, Joe decided it was time for a change to do something he has always loved doing. Starting a full time boutique auto detailing business with Detailed, LLC in Canfield, Ohio is something Joe has always dreamt of.

Detailed, LLC was established in 2021 when he noticed the need for a boutique, above and beyond basic car care services was identified in the Northeast Ohio & Canfield area. Since then, Detailed, LLC has been going from strength to strength. As a single person family style run and owned business, Joe understands what customers want, delivering a traditional hands on and honest approach while keeping his skills, services & equipment ahead of the industry.

Detailed, LLC is based just near the center of Canfield, OH to cater to clients individual and demanding needs. The garage is specifically designed to give the best working conditions for what he does. Detailed, LLC runs a well lit clean garage for Paint Correction. The mobile LED detail lighting is specifically set up for the identification and rectification of paint and surface defects while the garage is always kept clean for Ceramic Coatings.

Detailed, LLC has undergone strategic training and approval from the worlds leading car care product manufacturers such as Feynlab, Gyeon, Fireball and Undrdog. Joe is fully authorized to use their professional range of products and warrant them accordingly. Meaning you, the customer, can be rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands.

Joe is highly passionate and strongly believes in what he does and the products he uses, so if you have any questions or hesitations, please drop in and speak to the team to see it for yourself.


-Vince Lombardi



Detailed, LLC firmly believes this is the foundation of its business. The continuous strive for perfection.

20+ Years of Experience

Detailed, LLC's skilled professional has been correcting paint using a dual action polisher and detailing cars for over twenty years.

Manufacturer Approval

Detailed, LLC is approved by the leading manufactures in Paint Protection Film & coatings. text.


Detailed, LLC believes in honest down to earth customer service. Inform and let our customer make an informed decision.

Fully Insured

Detailed, LLC is fully insured with State Farm Insurance to pickup/deliver, store and work on your vehicle.

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