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Keep It Clean On Auto-Pilot

The Detailed, LLC regular scheduled Interior Maintenance Detailing will keep your vehicle clean on a schedule that makes sense for your lifestyle so you don’t have to worry about booking appointments or availability. We know just where dirt and grime like to hide and we make it our mission to make your car squeaky clean!

Our most affordable interior service to date. Guaranteed.

The Detailed, LLC maintenance interior detail is the best option for those looking to get their car interior “touched up”. Many people like a simple vacuum, wipe down, and fragrance application, but don’t need a carpet shampoo, steam cleaning, and plastic restoration to get back on the road after a long week at work.

Starting off with a thorough vacuum, Detailed, LLC makes sure all of the cracks and crevices of your seats and carpets are completely free of dirt and debris, before a wipe down with our trusted interior cleaner and plush microfiber towels to give your doors and dash the love and look they deserve.

Trust us, we get it... not everyone can afford a full shampoo cleaning and dirt extraction. That’s why our maintenance interior detail starts at $50, and paired up with the exterior maintenance wash you’ve got a clean, fresh vehicle.

If your car has:
A.  Salt Stained, Muddy and/or Dirty Covered Carpets and Floor Mats

B.  A horrible odor
C.  Leather seats that need some love

… a Maintenance Interior Detail might not be the best option. Check out our Standard Interior Detail  or Loaded Interior Detail to see if one can meet your needs with that service more effectively.

How often should I get a maintenance interior?

Detailed, LLC recommends every 2-3 months at a minimum. By pre-scheduling with us to serve your vehicle every 2-3 months, you will receive our special maintenance pricing.

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