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Owner, Operator

Professional Detailer

After starting a graphic design & art director career at age 23, Joe’s hard work, ethic and determination for "detail" was always very apparent. After a long 17 year career in graphic design, Joe decided it was time for a change to do something he has always loved doing. Starting a full time auto detailing business with Detailed, LLC in Canfield, Ohio is something Joe has always dreamt of. Joe strives to give the best for his customers and goes out of his way at all costs.  As founder of Detailed, LLC, he will provide you with the satisfaction and quality of work you deserve. As he continues to learn and perfect the art of automotive detailing, Joe will continue to go all out and tackle any and all vehicles that come his way.

Detailed, LLC Wants Your Car Cleaned Just as Much as You Do

We see your car not as the dirty mess you might see it as, rather as a beautiful, like-new vehicle under layers of dirt and debris. Every car deserves a clean life, and so do you. Detailed, LLC yearns for that satisfying cleanliness just as much as you do.


Taking Into Consideration Your Biggest Concerns

Before every detail, we pay attention to any concerns you might mention about the condition of your vehicle. If you have any concerns before or during a detail, simply let Joe know and he will do his best to take care of it. As with most relationships, communication is key. 

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